Sharing good things always feels great, doesn’t it?

Paulig Group created a coffee blend specifically for their “City Line” called Paulig Café Moscow. To celebrate Moscow City Day, 2,133 coffee lovers took part in a Guinness World Records attempt for the largest coffee tasting event, which took place on 7th September 2019. Now, that’s the ultimate way of sharing!


Paulig shared around 300 litres of coffee for the event, which was held during Moscow City Day at VDNH, Moscow. All the participants could taste three varieties of Paulig coffee; Paulig Presidentti Original, Paulig Presidentti Gold Label and the new coffee City Line, Paulig Café Moscow.


The previous Guinness World Records title belonged to the Alcaldia Muncipial De Chinchina, where there were about 1,500 people who tasted 22,739.14 litres of coffee. They also broke the record for largest cup of coffee on the same day, which took over a month to complete in Chinchina, Colombia.


The new City Coffee Moscow contains Arabica beans from South and Central America with dark chocolate, coriander and caramel flavours. This dark roast is ideal for making raf coffee – a Russian beverage made with cream and vanilla sugar. How perfect to have released this range in Moscow of all places! 

According to Alexander Kopytov, Marketing Director of Paulig, Moscow has developed its own culture of coffee consumption, which have been forming for several years.

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