The most participants in an underwater clean-up in 24 hours is 633, and was achieved by Dixie Divers (USA) in Deerfield Beach, Florida

The waters at Deerfield Beach in Florida, USA are cleaner thanks to the environmental efforts of five-star PADI dive center Dixie Divers. 

After gathering a total of 633 divers at Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier, the company set the record for largest underwater clean up in 24 hours – successfully removing debris that consisted of fishing line, garbage, even larger materials such as boat ladders and barbells which previously laid beneath the water's surface.

Divers for the event traveled in from all over the world to become a part of record-breaking history – some who are based as far as Europe and South America.

Largest underwater clean-up participant

The participants spent two and a half hours scouring the depths of the sea for any waste that could be degrading the ecosystem.

Largest underwater cleanup 3

According to locals, the cleanup has significantly improved the water quality for marine life in the area, and residents are hopeful that it will increase populations.

Largest underwater cleanup 4

The city of Deerfield Beach has now taken all debris from the attempt and sent it to be recycled.

Largest underwater cleanup 5

As oceanic pollution has become an ever-increasing worldwide issue, more Guinness World Records titles promoting wildlife and environmental conservation have recently been achieved.

Largest underwater clean-up participants

Earlier this spring, a life-sized whale crafted using reused plastic broke the record for the largest recycled plastic sculpture.

Largest underwater cleanup

In January this year, Canadian artist Von Wong created a mesmerizing piece for the largest drinking straw sculpture (supported) using 168,037 straws.

Even younger record holders have their eyes on ocean conservation – with a 17-year-old from Cyprus making the world’s largest drawing by an individual – a 323.90 m² (3,486 ft² 61 in²) scene of a turtle surrounded by garbage.

Largest underwater cleanup 6

With Dixie Diver’s latest initiative, we hope to see the environmentally-conscious theme continue in upcoming record attempts.