The team who helped make the world's tallest bamboo sculpture which is of St Vincent

Bamboo can grow tall, but a new statue in the Philippines has taken it to new heights.

In Bayambang, Philippines, a sculpture of the Catholic saint, St Vincent Ferrer, has reached a momentous height of 50.23 m (164 ft 9 in) to set a new record for tallest bamboo sculpture (supported).

Tallest bamboo sculpture detail

Typically, bamboo can grow up to 30 cm tall and usually grows between 1-1.5 m (3 -5 ft) per year. This attempt by Kasama Kita Sa Barangay Foundation, Inc. and The People of Bayambang used 22,626 bamboo panels, taking a year-and-a-half to finish.

Supported with a metal frame on the inside, St. Vincent Ferrer was erected on 5 April to celebrate St. Vincent Ferrer parish’s 400th anniversary

Tallest bamboo sculpture St Vincent surrounding area

The tip of the St Vincent Ferrer’s finger on his outstretched right arm is the sculpture’s highest point. The fingertip alone is made from 286 polygons and weighs 3.347 tons.

The whole figure uses 60 tons of bamboo in total. What an amazing achievement!

Tallest bamboo sculpture St Vincent close

This enormous representation of Bayambang’s patron saint, is located at St. Vincent Ferrer Prayer Park. The area will be used as a pilgrimage site intended for prayer, healing and spiritual renewal.

Tallest bamboo sculpture celebrations

The People of Bayambang  have been record-breaking for more than five years, achieving their first record attempt in April 2014 for the longest barbecue which measured 8,000 m (20,246 ft) long.

Longest barbecue

Who knows how many records The People of Bayambang can break?

Based on their achievements, Guinness World Records is happy to stand by and declare them Officially Amazing.

Tallest bamboo sculpture certificate presentation

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