The largest inflatable aqua park can be found in Gilimanuk, Bali and measures 28,900 m² (312,038 ft²). The Guinness World Records title was achieved in partnership by PT. Ecomarine Indo Pelago (based in Indonesia) and Wibit Sports GmbH (based in Germany) on 19 September 2019.

The world’s leading floating water park brand, Wibit Sports partnered up with PT. Ecomarine Indo Pelago to open the largest inflatable aqua park “Aqua Dreamland” at Secret Bay in Gilimanuk, Bali.

The aqua park measures a massive 28,900 m² (312,038 ft²) and spells the letters “INDONESIA” on the water.

Largest inflatable aqua park-body2.jpg

The aqua park uses WibitTag; modular products which are connected to form personalized messages on the water such as letters, numbers or symbols to be read from above. Attracting people to the Balinese coast in a unique way, providing a temporary iconic structure that is even visible from an airplane or drone!

Largest inflatable aqua park-aerial-shot.jpg

“Aqua Dreamland” consists of 177 TÜV certified Wibit Sports products that can hold a capacity of up to 600 people at the same time.

The inflatable water park took 5 days to be completely installed on the water, with 6 technicians and further helpers.

Largest inflatable aqua park-body.jpg

“The whole region is so proud to open the world’s largest aqua park and the first Wibit Sports Park in Bali. We are sure it will be a huge success for the local business attracting thousands of locals and visitors”. Yudiansah Yosal, authorized Wibit partner and owner of Aqua Dreamland park

“The complete Wibit sports team is really excited to hold the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ certificate in hands. People say a picture is worth a thousand words – we believe this word is worth a thousand pictures!” - Robert Cirjak, President of Wibit Sports.

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