3 record-breakers who found their spirit of adventure

This year’s GWR Day theme is the “Spirit of Adventure” and while it’s typically associated with a physical journey, “adventure” can take many forms.  

“Adventure” could be about pushing oneself or a team to attempt something that tests a physical or mental ability, or it could be about overcoming fears.  It could also be a creative endeavor that requires attention over a period of time. 

When it comes to record-breaking, “adventure” is inherent – it requires those attempting them to jump into the unknown with only the goal of achieving something extraordinary in mind.  And while sometimes that may literally include jumping or skydiving into the unknown, it also can include less obvious adventures, like creating a giant ball of lint! 

Find out how each of these brands, organizations, and individuals harnessed the spirit of adventure within their unique record-breaking experiences.

Most instances within the moon's umbral shadow 

Record Title: Most instances within the moon's umbral shadow

Record Holders: Glenn Schneider & John Beattie (USA) 

Date of Achievement: July 2, 2019

In July 2019, LATAM Airlines Group flew a crew of 50+ experts to experience a solar eclipse above Easter Island/Rapa Nui, Chile. Guests aboard the flight had a front row seat to viewing the eclipse and its nine minutes of total darkness along with witnessing lead astronomer, Dr. Glenn Schneider, break the Guinness World Records title for most instances within the moon’s umbral shadow.

A passionate eclipse chaser since the age of 14, Dr. Schneider has had a longstanding and accomplished career in the realm of astronomy. Two years of planning went into this one-off adventure which involved predicting the trajectory of the eclipse, identifying the best route for passengers to experience the phenomenon, as well as avoiding clouds and other weather factors.

We expect to see Dr. Schneider and his fellow record holders increase their titles in the year ahead.

Largest demolition derby 

Record Title: Largest demolition derby

Record Holders: Festival de la Galette de Sarrasin (CAN)

Date of Achievement: August 3, 2019

This next adventurous record-breaking feat was achieved by Festival de la Galette de Sarrasin at their 47th annual festival in Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse Québéc (CAN).  To excite and engage audiences at this year’s event, organizers decided to host an official record attempt for the largest demolition derby and invited attendees to participate. 

Organizers spent three months preparing the automobiles in advance of the attempt.  On 3 August, nearly 3,000 spectators – more than double the population of their 1,200-person city - came to witness the nail-biting record attempt where 125 daring motorists went head to head in attempt to destroy each other’s vehicles to secure the record title. 

The attempt lasted for approximately 50 minutes until Matheiu Langlois emerged in car #95 as the derby winner.  Langlois received a grand prize of $10,000 along with a sizeable 200+ lbs. trophy made from used car parts.

Largest ball of lint

Record Title: Largest ball of lint

Record Holders: Dryer Vent Wizard International LLC (USA) 

Date of Achievement: September 19, 2019

North America’s leading maintenance and repair franchise – Dryer Vent Wizard (USA) - was looking for a unique and impactful way to raise awareness about the serious dangers of dryer fires.  After working with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ creative consultancy, the brand devised a campaign around a record attempt for the largest ball of lint, embarking on a 6-month long adventure.    

To prepare for this epic attempt, Dryer Vent Wizard collected lint from communities across the country with the help of its 95 franchises and collected a total of 1,300 pounds of lint!  The company’s corporate teams and franchisees then gathered in Farmington Hills, MI in September 2019 to assemble the giant lint ball.  After a few (failed) practices and strategizing the best approach for their official attempt, the company worked together to successfully achieve the title. 

But their campaign did not end with the record achievement.  Instead, the brand invited local firefighters to the scene to light the giant lint ball ablaze to highlight how a lack of proper maintenance can be detrimental to homeowners’ safety.

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