Brand representatives participating during record attempt

To kick off its 3rd annual Foodscape conference, Datassential (USA) joined forces with Boar’s Head Brand to provide guests with the ultimate dining experience.

Record breaking meal during Foodscape conference

The two-day event began on 24 September when over 600 foodservice professionals gathered at the former Tribune Printing Warehouse in Chicago to discuss the latest trends in the culinary industry.

Conference attendees eating from record breaking charcuterie board

As guests entered the first-of-its kind “Global Culinary Theater & Expo” for lunch on day one, they were presented with the world’s longest charcuterie board, spanning 45.73 m (150.5 ft) across the center of the dining arena.

Longest charcuterie board during event

Surrounding the record-breaking charcuterie board, which overflowed with 400 lbs. of Boar’s Head cheeses and cured meats, were over 30 different “experience zones” – such as tasting algae cocktails, creating global spice and tea blends, and even eating edible ants and scorpions – for guests to explore.

Experience zones during Foodscape conference

Official adjudicator, Andrew Glass, arrived onsite as catering and brand representatives, serving as attempt participants, filled the board with everything ranging from Bold Italian Style Herb Coated Mozzarella and Dutch Edam cheese to Genoa salami and much more.

Official adjudicator making record announcement

The massive 335 lb. wooden board stretched down a lengthy table called the “Come Together Table” with its name symbolizing this year’s conference theme of globalism and uniting people across cultures.

Come Together table at Foodscape

Chairs bordering the edges of the table were available for guests to sit and eat with one another following their epic “around the world” tasting experience.

Attendees sitting around the Come Together table