Anderson swinging world's longest 'usable' golf club

Celebrity record-breaking alert: ABC’s Black-ish star, Anthony Anderson (USA) has achieved a Guinness World Records title for Longest ‘usable’ golf club, as seen in the premiere of Topgolf’s latest original video series, Record Breakers.

Featured in the series pilot, which aired on Thursday 17 January, the actor was tasked with hitting a golf ball, driving at least 25 m (82 ft, ¼ in), using a custom-made club extending 11.3 m (37 ft 1 in). 

In the eight-minute episode, hosted by actor and comedian Jareb Dauplaise, Anderson carefully performs his three attempts while Dauplaise narrates, adding an element of humour.

With an unsuccessful first two attempts – the golf club malfunctioning upon the second – the Emmy-nominated actor knew he had to bring his A game to his third and final try if he wanted to leave as an official record holder.

"Anthony is a competitive guy, so he really committed to crushing this world record," said Topgolf Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Radics, and committing to crushing this world record he did.   

On Anderson’s third and final attempt, the actor managed to strike the ball 106 ft, successfully achieving the record title!   

Everyone in attendance cheered in excitement as the ball continued to roll in motion.

Record holder banner after attempt

The adjudicator on-site verified the results and presented the Guinness World Records certificate with the title officially going to Anthony Anderson, Liquid Light LLC, Topgolf, Fukikura Golf and What's Inside?.

Certificate presentation after attempt

A marching band also strode onto the driving range to celebrate his success.

The record for Longest 'usable' golf club has been broken 13 times over the years. Michael Furrh from Texas, USA, has held the record four times. 

After he first set the record in 2015 with a 6.87-m (22 ft 6.75 in) club, his most recent effort in November 2017 was a creation measuring 9.29 m (30 t 6 in) which hit the ball more than 70 yards at Waterchase Golf Club in Fort Worth, Texas.

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