If you fancy a meal with a difference, how about treating yourself to a fine-dining experience after a week-long climb in the Himalayas.

At 5,585 m (18,323 ft) up on Island Peak (Imja Tse) mountain, Triyagyoni is the world’s Highest altitude pop-up restaurant as of 2 June.

Operated by Indian chefs Sanjay Thakur and Soundararajan, the restaurant’s name means “organic nature” in Sanskrit and requires an eight-day climb before you can enjoy your meal – though it does come with an amazing view.

According to Sanjay the aim behind Triyagyoni is to raise awareness of sustainability of the Himalayas’ natural resources.


This has been done by using wooden furniture as well as solar energy for the most part, plus building the restaurant in a tent to combat the windy conditions.

The restaurant provides an eight-course meal, with dishes that include: shishno garlic, Himalayan roll, dal bhatt, fish salad, chicken, panacota by nak milk, bassa fillet and cheese platter. 

highest altitude pop up restaurant 2

Reaching the restaurant isn’t an easy journey as Sanjay explained.

"Though we had prepared meticulously over months for the most difficult trek of our lives – from the world’s most dangerous airport at Lukla in Eastern Nepal to the Island Peak, touching the Everest Base Camp on the way – there were occasions when the situation appeared hopeless," he said.

"But each time we were able to overcome our nerves and push ahead. Finally, we made it to the spectacular Island Peak at around 10:05 a.m. on May 30, after six gruelling days, trekking 16 hours non-stop on the final stretch."

However the team have made efforts to make the journey more comfortable and safe for customers, providing paramedics and making a helicopter available to transport guests.

highest altitude pop up restaurant 1

The experience can be done in three different ways: a four-day journey using a helicopter for a transfer to and from the restaurant; a nine-day journey trekking one way and flying the rest of the journey by helicopter or as a seven-day trek journey.


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