In honor of their annual Community Friendship Day, the city of Carson, California gathered several individuals to set the record for the Most people making slime simultaneously.

Since slime making has become a trending activity in recent years, it wasn’t hard for organizers to gather 933 willing participants.

Most people making slime simultaneously 2

The record-breaking event was held in honour of their second Community Friendship Day celebration, which helped attendance go from 150 people last year to nearly 1,300 this year.

Those involved with the attempt created their slime by mixing and kneading together cup glue and cup liquid starch as well as red, white, and blue dye or glitter of the participant's choosing.

Most people making slime simultaneously 3

Requirements for the record to be achieved were that all slime needed to be made within 10 minutes, hold a shape, be stretched, as well as be molded.

Carson’s Community Friendship Day was fully funded by members of the community and local sponsors, the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce, Prologis, and YouTube "Slime Queen" Karina Garcia.

"It makes me proud that thousands of constituents, as well as citizens from surrounding cities, came to participate in this fun, exciting and historic event," Carson Mayor, Al Robles.
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