More than half a million flowers have been used to recreate one of Ecuador’s most important archaeological sites.

Using a total of 546,364 roses grown in the mountains of the Pedro Moncayo canton, the region’s government has set a new record for the Largest flower arrangement/structure (number of items) in the town of Tabacundo.

Largest flower arrangement 1

More than 1,500 volunteers of all ages built the beautiful 1,100 m2 building, which is a replica of one of the Cochasquí pyramids, an important natural and archaeological monument in northern Ecuador.

Largest flower arrangement 5

Ecuador’s roses have a strong presence in the international flower market, and the Pedro Moncayo government had to exceed the minimum of 500,000 flowers to achieve the record.

Largest flower arrangement 3

The flowers came from 150 floricultures distributed throughout the Ecuadorian Sierra and the bouquets were brought to a collection centre in trucks.

Largest flower arrangement 4

To keep the stems hydrated, a drip irrigation system was installed, while the roses used in the construction of the pyramid were later used to make fertilizer.

Largest flower arrangement 2

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