Budweiser has celebrated this year’s Fourth of July in a most patriotic way, calling on hundreds of Americans to come together to set the record for the Most people grilling simultaneously.

Located at their flagship store in St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday 30 June, 564 people were stationed at grills provided by the beer manufacturer where they cooked up several burger patties – a classic American cuisine.

Most people grilling simultaneosly 3

The record has bested the previous best by 170 individuals – with participants rallying through the 106 degree summer heat.

Part of the demonstration involved renowned chefs Mike Johnson and Christina Fitzgerald, who are partners of a critically-acclaimed local restaurant.

Most people grilling simultaneously

Adjudicator Michael Furnari was present to ensure that all food was consumed or donated, as per Guinness World Records guidelines, and to present the crowd with the official certificate.

Most people grilling simultaneosly 2

Upon announcing the success of the record, guests enjoyed fireworks as well as performances by Clare Dunn and Kassi Ashton.

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