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A breathtaking martial arts display took place recently at the National Assembly Grounds in Seoul, South Korea, in the run up to the first inter-Korean summit.

The event broke the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Taekwondo display, with a staggering 8,212 people taking part.

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Before taking on the official attempt in front of Guinness World Records adjudicator Raymond Marshall and hundreds of stewards, the group had two practice performances to perfect the routine.

The expertly-choreographed demonstration lasted for 10 minutes, with all the participants wearing traditional Taekwondo attire.

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The event was organised by The National Assembly Taekwondo Federation, Brand & Company Co. Ltd. and Christian Television System Co LTD.

Taekwondo originated in Korea and the organisations wished to promote the sport and encourage peace between the neighbouring nations.

Both young and old attended the event. Their enjoyment and determination was evident, as only around 150 people out of the thousands participating were disqualified for not taking part in the display correctly within the record guidelines.

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Lee Sang-min, the CEO of Brand & Company, commented: "Although the success of the Guinness World Records title has its own significance, Taekwondo – which was born in the divided country – gathered people in one place to realise that one spirit has contributed in birthing a new global, cultural sport."

"Taekwondo has played an important role in bringing South and North Korea together, with the symbol of peace for the future."

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The attempt was broadcast on Korean news channel YTM and will appear in an upcoming documentary about Taekwondo in Korea.

This new record is more than seven times higher than the previous one, which was achieved by J R International Taekwondo Academy & Indian Martial Arts Academy Team in a spectacular display by 1,152 participants, back in 2016.

Largest Taekwondo display: Certificate presentation

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