Mumbai-based charity OYE Foundation recently invited thousands of young women to take part in two Guinness World Records attempts, in a bid to raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

The first attempt was for the Largest female health awareness lesson – a 40-minute lecture that a record-breaking 1,919 girls attended.

The class was taught by Dr Chaitanyanand Koppikar from Orchids Breast Health, who covered global and regional breast cancer stats, risk factors (such as diet), symptoms to look out for, how to detect the disease early, as well as treatment options.

Largest female health awareness lesson stage

"Everyone needs to know that breast cancer is completely curable. No one should be scared or depressed in case they are diagnosed with it. However, an early diagnosis is always good. With advanced technology, we don’t have to resort to mastectomy, which is removal of the affected breast, but can opt for breast conservation or reconstruction surgery," Dr Chaitanyanand Koppikar.

With the educational section of the event completed, the next attempt was more lighthearted as 1,956 women then achieved the title Most people painting their fingernails simultaneously.

The nail paint chosen for the challenge was pink – a colour that has become associated with breast cancer awareness.

Most people painting their fingernails simultaneously

The event was organised in partnership with Simran Jethwani and Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd and took place in Prune, India.

Simran Jethwani, Founder and Chairman of OYE Foundation said, "We feel very happy that we set two Guinness World Records titles. OYE Foundation is committed to working to uplift humanity in the fields of medical, health, education, the anti-tobacco movement and literacy drive."

Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi was on hand to officiate the attempts and present a certificate to the organisers and students.

Largest female health awareness lesson certificate presentation

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