GWR Live! event at NFL Experience in Times Square leads attendee to break a new record

By Kristen Stephenson
Fastest time to lace a shoe 2

NYC & Co took networking to another level by offering event attendees the opportunity to become Guinness World Records title holders.

Arranging a 250 person event at the NFL Experience in Times Square, New York, attendees were able to choose between two records to see if they had what it takes to become officially amazing.

The event was organized in support of the Meetings Mean Business Coalition during its third annual Global Meetings Industry Day, in efforts raise awareness of the impact face-to-face meetings have.

At the two GWR Live! booths that were set up with staffed coaches, guests could try their hand at football record or the Fastest time to lace a shoe.

Many had a great time going head to head with colleagues or new people they had just connected with.

After being timed, coaches documented participants scores on the leaderboard for the final show – where top qualifiers were challenged to break the record a final time in front of attendees.

Fastest time to lace a shoe

Despite masses of guests trying their hand at the title, it was NYC & Co’s own Elizabeth Boylan who took the slot for the Fastest time to lace a shoe.

Timed by adjudicator Casey DeSantis, Elizabeth had the pressure of beating the former record of 44.81 seconds but managed to nearly half that time at 27.79 seconds.

After being officially confirmed as the new record holder, she was given a certificate to commemorate her impressive feat.

"What I thought was just a fun thing to try, really brought out the competitive tracklete in me - except this time lacing the shoes, not running in them!  

"Once I got in the zone with everyone around me, something like lacing a shoe became all I could focus on. 

"It was an amazing experience to be in front of the official Guinness World Records team being timed, and to say I hold the fastest time on something like this is so wild. I went into the evening thinking I was just going to leave with new business prospects, and left with a Guinness World Records title!"

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