Most turbans tied in 8 hours

Thousands of local New Yorkers and visitors from around the globe crowded into Times Square on Saturday to participate in a massive record attempt organised by the charity Sikhs of New York.

For many, it was their first time sporting the cultural garb, but the group managed to set a new title for the Most turbans tied in 8 hours with 3,010 participants.

Most turbans tied in 8 hours 4

The inspiration behind this record was to encourage others to learn about Sikhism, which is the fifth largest religion in the world.

The Sikhs of New York attempted the record to celebrate Turban Day and the annual mid-April celebration of Vaisakhi, which is commemorated by millions of Sikhs annually.

"On Turban Day, we tied turbans regardless of age, colour, gender or race. These are core Sikh values and American values that make us Sikh Americans. Our diversity is our strength," Chanpreet Singh, founder of the non-profit organisation

The Sikhs of New York have celebrated Turban Day in the city since 2013, hoping to educate people about the religion and promote equality.

Sikhs of New York turban tying collage

It is part of a wider celebration of their history, as Sikhs came to the United States more than 100 years ago and the country now has a population of around 700,000 Sikh Americans.

Most turbans tied in 8 hours 3

Representatives from Guinness World Records judged the event in Manhattan’s Times Square and presented the organisation with an official certificate upon successfully achieving the record.

"We greatly appreciate the many volunteers who lent their time and contributed generously to support Turban Day. This educational endeavour would not be possible without our hundreds of volunteers and supporters," said Chanpreet.

Most turbans tied in 8 hours 2

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