Most diamonds set on a handbag

A Hong Kong-based diamond jewellery brand has used a show in Switzerland to show off the Most diamonds set on a handbag with nearly 10,000 embedded in a Coca-Cola-inspired accessory. 

Coronet® successfully achieved the Guinness World Records title in the main hall of Baselworld 2018 jewellery show.

This Coca-Cola bottle-shaped diamond handbag contains 9,888 pieces of natural diamonds, weighing 120 karats, and took 15 highly skilled craftsmen nearly 100 days to complete, showcasing the utmost creativity and extravagance.

Most diamonds set on a handbag 2

The bag holds 8,543 black diamonds and 1,345 colourless diamonds.

Most diamonds set on a handbag Inside

This is the third time the jewellers has earned a Guinness World Records title following two other successful attempts in 2015 and 2016 - the Most valuable guitar (with 400 carat diamonds) worth $2 million and Most jewels on a guitar (16,033 well-polished Swarovski gemstones) which was played by Jermaine Jackson. 

Most jewels on a guitar

Coronet® is the signature brand of Hong Kong-based Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. 

President, Aaron Shum Wan-lung, said:

"Although we have successfully set two Guinness World Records titles before, we continue to challenge ourselves and create the world's top-level diamond art treasures. My team and I are very proud and excited that we have set a new Guinness World Records title again."

Most diamonds on a handbag coca cola