Vispy Jimmy Kharadi and Vispi Baji Kasad from India have built careers out of extreme martial arts stunts, but their latest Guinness World Records attempt is one of the pair's most daring challenges to date - the Most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute.

The watermelons were placed on Kharadi's stomach and then expertly sliced by Kasad, one at a time, using an intimidating 30-inch katana sword.

With a tough mark of 48 to beat, watch the video below to find out how they got on:

"The danger is always there in all such stunts, especially when there's a Japanese katana in the picture which can cut skin very easily, but because of the practice and confidence of Vispi Kasad, the pain can be offset," said Kharadi, who is a fitness trainer as well as a martial arts pro.

Fortunately, there were no cuts or injuries during the official Guinness World Records attempt.

Most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute attempt

Explaining his role in the attempt, Kasad said: "The most challenging part is the final precision of the cut. After I cut the watermelon, I have to be very careful that the blade does not even touch the skin of the open stomach. 

"But the record demands the perfect cut into two pieces, which makes it more difficult."

One watermelon was not cut cleanly in two, so it was discounted from the record total. Another was disqualified as it took place after the 60 seconds was over.

Official adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar was on hand to make these judgements.

"It was thrilling and the technique, the endurance and the strength of the participants was incredible," he said afterwards.

Most watermelons chopped on the stomach in one minute certificate presentation

The daring duo trained hard for this attempt as holding a Guinness World Records title means a lot to them.

"It's like having the Olympic gold medals in our hands. Me and Vispy Kharadi always had a dream of winning the gold in the Olympics but unfortunately we couldn't go participate. The Guinness World Records title has given us big recognition in our country. It's my pleasure to have this title with my name," Vispi Baji Kasad.

"We want to break 10 Guinness World Records titles for our country," added Kasad, who also works for the Indian government. "We are already prepared with the next two records with a sword."

For anyone that's wondering what Kharadi and Kasad did with the watermelons after the attempt, they were sliced up and enjoyed by the guests and workers who were at the record-breaking event.

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Most layered bed of nails sandwich