Resorts World Birmingham has cooked up a feast after it successfully produced the world’s Largest serving of fish and chips.

A group of chefs sourced a giant halibut, covered it in batter and placed it on a supersize bed of chips on Friday 9 February.

The chippy tea needed to weigh more than 47.75 kg (105 lb 4 oz) in order to break the record set by Fish and Chips@ LTD in London, back in 2012.

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator attended the event in Birmingham to verify the record as the filleted fish was fried.

The enormous halibut weighed 27.83 kg (61.34 lbs) and took more than two hours to cook.

The huge fish was fried for more than two hours

Once it and the huge number of chips required to complete the meal had been cooked, the whole ensemble required weighing.

Coming in at 54.99 kg (121.23 lbs), it beat the previous record by 7kg (16 lbs).

largest serving of fish and chips 2 

After it was confirmed Resorts World had claimed the record, the huge meal was then divided up among the guests present.

This record is by no means the only impressive chip-related record, take a look at this chip shop employee smashing the record for the Fastest time to wrap five portions of chips.