Largest Tapestry 1

On 15 November a group of craftswomen in the Peruvian Andes created a 288.55 m² tapestry by hand to break a Guinness World Records title and celebrate 101 years of Espinar.  

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The dozen women at the Planta de Fibra de Alpaca y Lana de Ovino de Pallpata diligently prepared the artwork during three months. Using ancient techniques, they turned over 250 kg raw wool into yarn until they had sewn together a truly impressive work of art.

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They used a 16-metre-long loom to organize the strands, while weaving by hand to produce this enormous cloth. 

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This artisanship pays homage to Espinar culture and was made using high quality sheep’s wool, 90% of which was made using the Quechua technique known as Pushka (drop spindle). The colourful tapestry depicts traditional Cuzqueño imagery and clothing usually associated with K’ana dancers. 

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This Peruvian tapestry beat the previous record set in China with a piece of cloth measuring 276.41 m² and the organizers were presented a certificate by Adjudicator Natalia Ramírez. 

Congratulations Espinar, you are Officially Amazing!

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