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Our trending topic for this month is an issue that has become more prevalent to businesses and employees globally – wellness at work.

The onus on companies to support their employees mental, physical and emotional needs has increased over the past years.

Though some of these issues require more dedicated support systems, simply making your business a more inclusive and rewarding place to work can help foster positive feeling within your teams.

Team building

One way in which to do this is to foster a good community mentality within the business through team work.

This can be achieved through team building exercises that encourages collaboration, such as the team building exercise organised by DHL Germany, in which staff constructed a huge raft and achieved Most people on a raft.


An increasing popular team building exercise involves domino toppling and Aarons, a US based appliance and electronics company, took this to the next level. All their employees took part in the Largest Human Domino topple.

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Company pride

Another way to invigorate your team is to organise events that benefit your community or a local charity.

In recent research commissioned by Guinness World Records in partnership with C&IT magazine, it was found that 61% of UK event professionals have seen a rise in the importance of CSR in their events, and 90% felt CSR enhances engagement at an event.

Company's need to choose a cause that has relevance and meaning to their employees, which will give the event a real sense of purpose and authenticity." - Paul O'Neill, VP of Creative at Guinness World Records

This what US company (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) employees did while setting the record for Most backpacks stuffed with school supplies in one hour with 1,512.

The bags were then donated to help disadvantaged children within their community.

Most backpacks stuffed with school supplies in one hour 2

Similarly, Indian company Bhima Jewellery wanted to organise an event for their CSR programme that would benefit the local community, and hosted the Largest physical self-care lesson – basing the class around advice for dealing with menstrual pain.

Could a Guinness World Records attempt enhance your employee engagement event or conference? Visit our Business Solutions section to find out more about our unique team-building and celebration activities, or talk to our employee engagement team today.