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Guinness World Records has brought live record breaking to Kidzania London, resulting in two new record-holders.

Kidzania is an indoor city for children, run by children who can partake in different careers, from police officer or firefighter to actor or dancer, and earn Kidzos (the Kidzania currency) for their work.

As part of Kidzania London’s STEAM week, Guinness World Records had three live record attempt areas with three separate record titles available; the Fastest time to complete a giant connect four board (team of 2), the Fastest time to complete a buzz wire course, and a brand-new record for the Fastest time to stack a 10 large brick right angle LEGO® tower.

The record breaking attempts started on Friday (5 October), and the LEGO stacking record was the most hotly contested.

11-year-old Jasmine Stavropoulos (Australia) was the first to set the record with a speedy time of 18.84 seconds, five seconds under the required minimum time.


Despite holding the record for most of the weekend, Jasmine was beaten on Sunday afternoon by Ruby Fryer (UK), 12, who clinched the title with 17.31 seconds.

Sunday also saw another record broken; the Fastest time to complete a giant buzz wire. The record was broken firstly by Wayne Maguire (UK), aged 44, with 16.84 seconds, almost one second under the previous record time.

KIDZANIA_Ruby and Wayne

However, Wayne didn’t hold the record title for long, as Iranian Ilia Ahmadi-Shooli swooped in and set an unbelievable time of 14.69 seconds. 

Ilia, aged 12, had previously qualified, but was unable to perform a record-breaking time under the eye of official adjudicator Sophia Greenacre. But after calming his nerves, Ilia took the title home with him.