The Mona Lisa is one of the world’s most recognisable paintings, but chances are you’ve never seen it made from rice crackers.

Around 200 people gathered in Soka, a city just north of Tokyo in Japan, to create the replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece using the surprising ingredient.


A total of 23,360 of the neatly-layered round objects covered 116.02 square metres to help Soka-Senbei Promotion Conference set a new record for Largest rice cracker mosaic (image).

Rice crackers are Soka city's local speciality and are known for their slightly hard-biting and irresistible crunchiness. Sokasenbei Promotion Council decided to use them in a creative way to promote their crackers as well as the region that makes them.


For the attempt, 12 local producers of rice crackers provided seven different flavours and colours to create the palette for the Mona Lisa mosaic, including soy sauce (brown), sesame (black), and matcha (green).

Once the record was set the rice crackers were distributed (as part of the requirement for food-related records) to the participants as well as children of Soka.

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