Grab your favourite tortilla chips – a wholesaler in Mexico has just achieved the world’s Largest serving of guacamole, and it looks delicious. 

Largest serving of guacamole 7

An extremely popular Mexican condiment, the Empacadora de Aguacates Sierra del Tigre mixed up a serving that weighed in at 2.980 kg in Concepción de Buenos Aires, Jalisco, México.

Largest serving of guacamole 6

More than 815 people helped prepare the guacamole, including several dozen culinary students. 

It is estimated that cooks used around 25,200 avocados, 3,500 tomatoes, 3,000 lemons, 750 onions and 90 bundles of cilantro/coriander to make the giant dip. 

Largest serving of guacamole 3

For the festive occasion, Guadalajaran artist Aram Cortes decorated the guacamole container with hand designs, representing the helping hands of the town.

State Secretary for Rural Development, Hector Padilla cut the very first fruit for the attempt, which was organised to promote the sale and consumption of Mexian avocados.

Largest serving of guacamole 5

Adjudicator Carlos Tapia Rojas, who certified the record, presented Governor Aristotle Sandoval with the official Guinness World Records certificate.

Largest serving of guacamole 4

This new record-breaking serving exceeded the weight of the previous record-breaking dip, which measured 2,669.5 kg and was achieved by the municipality of Tancítaro in Michoacán, Mexico in 2013. 

Previously, Guinness World Records has also recognized several records inspired by traditional Mexican dishes, including the Largest burrito, the Largestenchilada and the Largest portion of packaged tacos.

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