Spanish car manufacturer SEAT organised a record-breaking event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the SEAT 600 with dedicated fans of the classic vehicle.

Last weekend during a day of festivities at Circuit de Catalunya in Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain, the company invited guests to take part in the Largest parade of SEAT cars.

Largest parade of SEAT cars start line

Hundreds of people turned up for the challenge, but some of the rules were broken during the first attempt which meant it was disqualified. For example, the gaps between the cars in the parade were too large.

However, the determined SEAT 600 owners were not discouraged and decided to attempt the title again, with heavy rain adding to the difficulty of the challenge.

Afterwards, Guinness World Records adjudicator Victor Fenes was thrilled to confirm that a total of 787 people successfully broke the previous record of 344, achieved by e.V. in Germany, back in 2016.

Largest parade of SEAT cars car park

The Guinness World Records guidelines for this title state that any model from the SEAT brand is accepted in the parade, but the organisers decided to break the record using solely the SEAT 600 classic car, since the iconic vehicle went out of production in 1973.

Addressing the guests and record participants after collecting the official certificate, SEAT Chairman, Luca de Meo said: "The 600 is a deeply-rooted part of Spain's history, a vehicle that provided the impetus for the country's motorisation during an important period of development. With its manufacture, SEAT became one of the cornerstones of Spanish industry, as it is today."

The CEO of SEAT Spain, Mikel Palomera, who took part in the rally with his own 600, commented: "For the people of Spain, the 600 is the car that brought families and towns closer together and provided mobility for many who, for the first time ever, were now able to travel around at their leisure. I am here among friends and other enthusiasts with my own 600 to enjoy this great tribute to the car that put Spain on wheels."

Largest parade of SEAT cars attempt

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