British pub hosts largest cider tasting event

By Rachel Swatman
Largest cider tasting event header

The Oast House pub in Manchester, UK hosted the world’s Largest cider tasting event earlier this month and invited both regulars and newcomers to take part in the attempt.

An impressive 255 people turned up to try a selection of the establishment’s beverages: three ciders produced by Aspall, for an event instructing cider sippers on the different brewing styles and flavours of the drinks available for tasting.

Largest cider tasting event

The event was led by cider expert Kieran Hartley from New World Trading Companies (NWTC) and Henry Chevallier Guild, an eighth generation owner of Aspall who was visiting Manchester from the company's base in Suffolk.

The cider varieties offered for tasting were Premier Cru Cyder, Isabel's Berry and Harry Sparrow.

On hand to officiate the attempt was Guinness World Records adjudicator Glenn Pollard, who presented a certificate to the organisers once participant numbers were confirmed.

Largest cider tasting event certificate presentation

“Manchester has always had a strong love of cider and this event was no exception in demonstrating support for Aspall. We had a fantastic turn out and smashed the Guinness World Records title,” said Kieran Hartley, NWTC.

This is not the first time The Oast House has got its punters into the record books, as the pub broke the record for the Largest beer tasting back in 2013. However, this competitive record has since been broken five times.

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