You won’t be able to fit this gigantic piece of plastic in a standard wallet! Guinness World Records has confirmed that independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products, Alon Brands Inc., has officially set a record for the world's Largest gift card in El Paso, Texas, USA. 

With a total measurement of 3.67 square meters, the card achieved the brand new title. 

Largest gift card 2

Official adjudicator Jimmy Coggins was on hand to check all guidelines were followed, ensuring that the gift card was an outsized, to-scale replica of an existing, commercially available gift card, and that it was made using the same materials.

Largest gift card 4

The record was attempted in efforts to promote the fact that ALON will now sell gift cards. 

Watch the video below to find out how this record holding card was created.

The event was held at the ALON/7-Eleven in El Paso, where one guest was randomly selected to win a grand prize: Andrew Saldivar and his family received a gift card which included $10,000 worth of ALON gas and merchandise. 

Largest gift card

Other event attendees won giveaways, including $5,000 worth of ALON gift cards, an Xbox and other prizes.

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