Car manufacturer Nissan Automotive Europe and American XPOGO performer Dalton Smith partnered up to take on an awesome record-breaking stunt.

Nissan lined up three cars on the roof of a car park in Croydon, London and challenged Dalton to take on the Guinness World Records title for the Most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick.

Dalton practicing for the official attempt

Official adjudicator Sofia Greenacre oversaw the attempt, making sure that Dalton jumped over the highest point of each car and only took one bounce in between them.

The pogo pro makes the stunt look effortless, stylishly finishing the attempt off with a somersault.

Dalton Smith is a part of the renowned XPOGO Stunt Team and has spent years perfecting his pogo stick skills.

Talking about his Guinness World Records achievement, Dalton Smith commented: “This was never going to be an easy world record to break, but the team and I are always up for a challenge. When Nissan approached us with the idea of JukeCam we were all super-excited.”

Nissan organised the attempt to promote their new multipurpose 360 degree camera, JukeCam.

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It can be attached to the Nissan Juke dashboard as well as sports helmets, and was used to film this attempt.

Dalton receives a certificate from GWR judge Sofia

Nissan has used Guinness World Records attempts many times during marketing campaigns in recent years.

In April 2016 they achieved the world’s Fastest vehicle drift in the Nissan GT-R Nismo. In 2015 the car manufacturer promoted their Patrol four-wheel drive vehicle by achieving the Fastest time to ascend a 100 m sand dune by a car.