With The Ashes coming up in November, young kids from Australia and England appear to be starting their own record-breaking competition.

Just a few months after Cricket Australia achieved the world’s Largest cricket lesson (single venue) with 488 people, the title has been returned to England.

London-based sports charity Chance to Shine organised the event as part of their partnership with Marylebone Cricket Club and its ‘play hard, play fair’ campaign.

Largest cricket lesson bowling

Hundreds of kids and teachers from local London schools took part in the class, led by former England Women's National Cricket Team captain Charlotte Edwards and a team of 25 qualified instructors.

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The attempt took place at the “Home of Cricket”, Lord’s Cricket Ground, and Guinness World Records adjudicator Glenn Pollard confirmed a new record of 580 participants.

Largest cricket lesson Lords

The students practiced batting, bowling and fielding for 30 minutes.

Charlotte Edwards said: “It was brilliant to see so many young people at Lord’s having the opportunity to play and learn through cricket, while learning how to play hard, but fair. And beating the Guinness World Records title set by the Aussies at the Home of Cricket.”

Other special guests included former England Women's National Cricket Team bowler Isa Guha.

Largest cricket lesson certificate presentation

As well as the 580 participants, members of the UK national media also came along to witness the attempt, including Sky Sports.