Optics and imaging company Nikon has just set a picture perfect Guinness World Records title for the Largest human image of a camera.

They needed a minimum of 250 people to set the record, but a staggering 1,454 people gathered in front of the Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi in northern Italy, which provided a stunning backdrop for the attempt.

Creating the largest human image of a camera

The participants were made up of customers, collaborators and colleagues, photo retailers and photography lovers, each wearing a coloured t-shirt and cap.

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator and event stewards were on hand to count the crowd and verify that the formation really looked like a camera - in this case, a recreation of the Nikon Reflex.

Largest human image of a camera certificate presentation

The event was organised by Nikon’s Italian distributor, Nital S.p.A, to celebrate the camera company's 100 year anniversary.

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Largest human image of a camera Italy