Warwickshire County Council has entered the record books after organising a Guinness World Records attempt in Kenilworth, UK, and inviting local kids to take part.
An incredible 1,148 people, all wearing pink ponchos, gathered on Kenilworth School's sports field and formed the Largest human image of a bicycle.
Largest human image of a bicycle aerial 
The council first challenged this title last year but unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful. As a result, they were even more determined to break the record this time and managed to beat the previous total by an impressive 354 participants.
Why a bicycle? The event was organised to celebrate the return of the OVO Energy Women's Tour cycling race to the county for the second year on Friday 9 June.
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Warwickshire County Council also wanted to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage children to take up cycling, both for fun and as a way to travel.
The majority of the participants in the attempt were students from Kenilworth School, but some professional cyclists also got involved.

Warwickshire County Council’s Joint Managing Director, Monica Fogarty, said:
This was a fantastic achievement for Warwickshire County Council and everyone at Kenilworth School and Sixth Form. This has set the tone for a warm Warwickshire welcome to the OVO Energy women’s Tour.  We’re all set.
Hayden Abbott, head teacher of Kenilworth School and Sixth Form said:
I feel delighted for the students and for everyone involved that we’ve achieved a world record.  It’s a great sense of bonding and cohesion. It feels really good and a great way to end the half term.
Previously, the largest human image of a bicycle consisted of 794 people, achieved by Silloth-on-Solway Community in Silloth-on-Solway, Cumbria, UK, on 8 September 2015.