UberEATS and Tizoncito had quite the fiesta last week as they partnered to break the record for the Largest serving of tacos (packaged) in Mexico City, Mexico. 
Largest serving of tacos
Using 1,350 kg of meat, 40 thousand tortillas, 380 kilograms of onions and 580 liters of red sauce El Tizoncito, a popular Mexican cuisine franchise, got to work creating tacos to fulfill 10,000 UberEATS orders. 
A total of 60,000 taqueuros helped to create the tacos, which were in the traditional Mexican style of Taco el Pastor. 
Largest serving of tacos 4
The amount of ingredients used for the attempt equaled the quantity needed to supply a Tizoncito restaurant for two days. 
UberEATS then took all 40,000 tacos and managed to deliver them to local residents in a matter of two hours. 
Previously, the record belonged to the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Hermosillo and Hermosillo Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Hermosillo, Sonora, since 2015 with 1,166.5 kg of tacos. 
Largest serving of tacos 5