The Bistrita-Nasaud community in the town of Nasaud, Romania has danced its way into the record books after attempting two quintessentially Romanian record titles in celebration of their National Day of Folk Costume.
A staggering 9,506 men and women turned out to take part in the Largest traditional Romanian folk dance, while Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel and a number of stewards officiated the enormous challenge.
Largest traditional Romanian folk dance 
The performance had to be choreographed and synchronised in order to achieve the title, and the results were spectacular:
Every participant was required to wear the appropriate clothing for the dance, which in turn added another record to the town’s tally: Largest gathering of people in a traditional Romanian clothing.
They didn’t hold back either, donning a beautiful variety of feather hats, beaded belts, embroidered aprons, red waistcoats and tassels.
Largest traditional Romanian folk dance participants 
The Bistrita-Nasaud community organised the attempt to inspire national pride in the younger generations and promote Romanian culture both within Romania and around the world.
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Thousands of Romanians perform record-breaking folk dance in costume 
Bistrita-Nasaud County Council President Radu Moldovan celebrated the records in a Facebook post:
It is official! Bistrita-Nasaud County has set two world records officially certified by the Guinness World Records! (...) I believe the figures say it all! It is official that Bistrita-Nasaud is the world capital of Romanianism and folk traditions! This is the merit of each people of our county and all those who today opened their dowry chests to show to the entire world that we here know how to treasure our country, values, past, present and future!