DaVita Kidney Care is more than just a healthcare organisation- it takes volunteering service as an opportunity to improve their local community. 
The kidney dialysis service company did just that last week when they recently achieved the Guinness World Records title for Most bicycles donated in one hour.

Most bicycles donated in one hour 3
Located in Denver, Colorado, DaVita harnessed the collective goodwill of 3,500 attendees for their record attempt event to help set the title as part of their development and training program, Villagewide.
Employees first received a bicycle building lesson to learn how to properly assemble the structures, and then promptly got to work building as many bicycles as possible in the allotted hour. 
Most bicycles donated in one hour 2
With an impressive 979 finished bicycles, DaVita not only set a new record title but also donated the finished products to local schools in the Denver area.
For the grand event, children from the areas were bussed in to be formally presented with their brand new bicycles. 
Most bicycles donated in one hour 5
“I can’t even begin to describe how it made me feel to see the kids come in to get their new bikes,” said Cece Keller, a teammate at DaVita Tallahassee Dialysis. “I love it when we do stuff like this. I love that we care for each other and the community.”
Most bicycles donated in one hour 4
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