Supermarket chain Lidl (Spain) wanted to organise a fun team-building event to engage their logistics platform employees ahead of launching a new training program.
Looking for an activity that tied in with the employees’ work at their warehouse in Madrid, they decided to attempt the brand new Guinness World Records title Most pallets toppled in domino fashion.
domino pallet topple Panoramic view 
Domino records are often considered some of the most exciting and challenging titles to attempt, so this was never going to be a simple task for the team.
160 employees worked together for hours to set up the wooden Euro pallets, but the windy conditions outside meant that the crates kept falling over and starting the chain reaction too early.
Toppling the first pallet 
Nevertheless, under the watchful eye of Guinness World Records adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann, the participants finally managed to set up and topple an impressive 1,232 pallets – one for each employee at Lidl logistics platforms across the country.
Lidl was thrilled with the result:
Lidl is a dynamic company proud of facing future challenges from a position of enthusiasm. This new Guinness World Records title is a recognition which symbolizes the achievement of goals through effort and team work, and this is part of Lidl’s core values.
Lidl Spain team certificate presentation
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This achievement is not the first record set by Lidl branches across the globe. In 2015 Lidl Ireland secured a record for the Most cups of tea made in one hour by a team of 12 (1,848) and Lidl Netherlands holds the title Longest Christmas stolen (72.10 m).