Thousands of Albanian youngsters have become Guinness World Records title holders after taking part in the world’s Largest cup percussion ensemble.
Official adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann counted a staggering 2016 participants.
Largest cup percussion ensemble Albania 
The group played a cover of “When I’m Gone”, a song originally performed by American actress Anna Kendrick in the movie Pitch Perfect.
The ‘Cup Song Albania’ attempt was organised by Sirea Film, an NGO organisation that encourages young people to get involved in performing arts.
They wanted to host an event that would bring Albanian children together and instil in them a sense of national pride.
Largest cup percussion ensemble participants 
The performance took place on the streets of Tirana and proved to be a feast for the eyes as well as the ears: The kids wore the colours of their national flag and sat in a huge formation spelling out the word ‘Albania’.
Largest cup percussion Albania aerial view 
Adjudicator Lena said: “All participants were very involved and you could feel the hope and happiness in the air. It was broadcast live on national TV, and the video of the attempt went viral immediately throughout the whole of Albania”.
Largest cup percussion ensemble certificate presentation 
This event was more than five times larger than the previous record-setting cup percussion ensemble (349 participants in Belgium, 2014).