Multifaceted American audio innovations company Harman International Industries wanted to launch the new JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker in record-breaking style.
JBL poster in Shoreditch London 
At an event in London, UK, the company unveiled not one loudspeaker, but covered a room with 1,000 Flip 4 devices, all playing seamlessly from one mobile phone.
As a result, the company broke the record for the Most Bluetooth speakers playing from a single source – an incredible 792 speakers more than the previous number.
Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank officiated the attempt and it was broadcast by JBL on Facebook Live:
Carsten Olsen, Vice President and General Manager Harman Consumer Lifestyle EMEA, was really happy with the results:
JBL’s music heritage has ensured that both our CONNECT+ technology and recently launched Flip 4 are superior offerings within the market. It therefore, only seemed fitting to celebrate both with a landmark event that has secured our place in Guinness World Records history. We are a brand that thrives on innovation and also love to party so it was great to celebrate in style last night with industry members, press, fans, ambassadors and retail partners. The event was the perfect kick off for our jam-packed calendar of live events taking place throughout 2017.
JBL Certificate presentation
Announcing the record, adjudicator Jack Brockman said:
It’s important to recognise and reward great achievements whether they have been undertaken by an individual, community or large corporation. Guinness World Records actively encourages its partners to creatively visualise, challenge and achieve their full potential, we applaud JBL for embracing this ethos by greatly surpassing the previous record. Playing 1,000 speakers simultaneously makes quite an imposing sound, it was certainly the highlight of an impressive evening.
The event was organised in partnership with telecommunications service provider O2 and saw guests entertained by a variety of live acts and music.
Previously the title was held by Ultimate Ears with a total of 208 speakers achieved in France in 2016.
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