As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Escape Manor Inc. wanted to cement themselves in history to mark the honorable occasion.

Aiming to achieve the Largest scavenger hunt, the Ottawa-based program successfully partnered with Ignite 150 to produce a Canadian-themed excursion for a record-breaking 2,732 individuals.

Largest scavenger hunt

Beginning at Marion Dewar Plaza, participants had to undergo a series of 150 challenges as part of the overall scavenger hunt.

Largest scavenger hunt 2

This included puzzles, locating objects, snapping photos, trivia questions, social media posts, and even a few augmented reality obstacles! In total, over 31,000 images were posted to Instagram with the hashtag #find150.

All tests of course had to do with different parts of Canadian history and current events, and encouraged all four-person teams to dress in their finest maple leaf attire.

Largest scavenger hunt 3

Once the hunt concluded, members enjoyed a final award ceremony where the record was officially presented, followed by food trucks, music and party-style reception.

Largest scavenger hunt 5