California-based organisation Surfing Madonna Oceans Project recently organised the world’s Largest race on sand as part of its ongoing campaign to protect and conserve the ocean.

Taking place in Encinitas on a beautiful sunny day, a staggering 4,288 participants put on their training shoes and ran into the record books.

A few runners couldn’t resist stopping to take selfies, which unfortunately meant they were disqualified from the record total.

In spite of this, the non-profit easily smashed the minimum of 1,000 people they needed to secure the new title.

A lot of planning went into the attempt. For example, the organisers had to make sure that the race started during low tide, otherwise all the participants would not have fit on the beach!

To set the record, the whole group had to run a minimum of 100 metres together, but Surfing Madonna Oceans Project set out courses of 5k, 10k, 15k distances for adults and a shorter 1k for kids.

Adjudicator Michael Empric was invited along to count and verify the record.

Largest race on sand group photo

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