Michael Pollack has a real appetite for collecting. 

Over the last 50 years, he has accumulated a massive display of 8,917 individual advertising statues which has now earned him the record for the Largest collection of advertising statues. 

The pieces, which all vary from rare life-size characters and signs, to miniature mannequins are all located in Pollack’s 3D Advertising Museum as a part of his real estate business in the American city of Mesa, Arizona. 

Largest collection of advertising statues 2

Pollack began his collection when he was just a teenager and was eager to continue its growth over the span of his life – even if that meant traveling for a few key additions. 

"I have flown all over the world to buy individual pieces and sometimes entire collections for my museum. I once bought an extremely rare advertising statue in Paris. The chalk statue was so old and delicate that I actually bought an extra seat for it on the plane so I could get it home to the United States safely," - Michael Pollack.

Largest collection of advertising statues 3

For the attempt, an official Guinness World Records adjudicator spent 10 hours counting each piece in Michael’s collection, verifying that all components were statues created by a company to market either the company or a product.

After achieving a new record, Michael says he is very proud of his final record-breaking museum.

Largest collection of advertising statues 4

"This is not only a huge honor for me to say we have earned a Guinness World Records title, but to know we truly have the largest collection of advertising statues anywhere in the world. This just shows what started as a passion for me at 14 years old has grown into something rather extraordinary 50 years later."