Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson invited midwives to take part in the world's Largest baby massage lesson in Jakarta, Indonesia.

An incredible 629 people took part in the class, which was staged at the brand's "Johnson's Touch of Life" event.

Largest baby massage lesson

Each participant was given a doll on which to practise techniques – which included massage strokes for legs and feet, a short colic routine and touch relaxation.

Qualified instructors also taught the group what massage oils to use and how long to massage a baby for.

Lakish Hatalkar, President Director of PT. Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, commented: "This new Guinness World Records title for the 'Largest baby massage lesson' represents one of Johnson & Johnson's commitments in supporting babies' growth and educating people on the importance of a parent's loving touch, through massage rituals in their first year, especially in an infant's first 28 days."

He continued: "Johnson & Johnson Indonesia is very proud and honoured to have received the achievement from Guinness World Records. Hopefully this can further motivate us to continue to provide the best, not only in innovation and products, but also education that is beneficial to the wider community so that more and more babies can have a better chance of living, thriving and seeing the world."

Guinness World Records adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar officiated the 30-minute-long attempt.

Largest baby massage lesson certificate presentation

On presenting the organisers with their certificate, he announced: "We hope that this educational endeavour will not stop here, but will be continued in other programmes. I can now say Johnson & Johnson Indonesia is Officially Amazing."