largest human image of a country aerial view
Employees and family members of the international vehicle glass repair and replacement company Belron have achieved a Guinness World Records title for the Largest human image of a country/continent.
Last Friday at Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, UK, a staggering 811 colleagues - all wearing matching red t-shirts - grouped together to form an enormous block image of Africa.
largest human image of a country UK
The impressive attempt launched the company’s yearly “Spirit of Belron Challenge Event” which sees Belron delegates take part in swimming, cycling and running events to raise funds for Afrika Tikkun – a charity that invests in education, health and social services for young people in South Africa.
Belron chose to attempt this Guinness World Records title as a special way of celebrating its 15th annual Spirit of Belron Challenge Event.
largest human image of a country certificate presentation Belron
Official adjudicator Sofia Greenacre (pictured above) was on hand to count and verify the new record.
This news comes just days after Saudi Telecom Company achieved the previous record with a total of 600 people, in honour of Saudi National Day.