An incredible and uplifting Guinness World Records attempt took place in South Wales at the weekend as hundreds of people got together at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff to raise awareness for bereavement charity 2 Wish Upon A Star.
The record challenge was to host the Largest gathering of people dressed as elephants and the charity effortlessly earned the title after gathering 385 elephants – easily surpassing the required minimum of 250.
Largest gathering of people dressed as elephants children
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank was on site to ensure that all the volunteers followed the strict dress code: Each person has to be dressed in a full elephant costume, head to toe, including appropriate footwear and a headpiece with ears, elephant trunk, tusks and tail.
Largest gathering of people dressed as elephants certificate presentation
Before the event, founder of 2 Wish Upon A Star Rhian Burke said: "The 2 Wish Upon A Star Mascot is an elephant because elephants never forget, and neither do we."
Rhian, who set up the charity after losing her husband and her son, continued: "Child bereavement is also the elephant in the room - it’s something that people are understandably afraid to discuss."
Largest gathering of people dressed as elephants Wales
Taking place on a sunny day, the event was free to attend and drew people of all ages.
The record attempt successfully raised awareness for the organisation's incredible work, receiving coverage from online media outlets such as the BBC and WalesOnline.
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