US company Olympic Paints and Stains has achieved the record for the Largest paint brush mosaic in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The mosaic measured 30.863 m² (332.21 ft²) and was created using over 33,000 WOOSTER® paint brushes and more than 150 gallons of OLYMPIC® MAXIMUM® stain. The image depicted two wooden chairs against a sunset backdrop.
Making the largest paint brush mosaic
Hundreds of shoppers and guests at 21 Lowe’s® hardware stores across the Midwest and the east coast of the US helped build the mosaic in a tour that began in Indianapolis on early May.
At each stop of the tour, attendees could dip a paintbrush paintbrush in Olympic Maximum stain and personally sign it to contribute to the artwork. The last stop in the 1,500-mile tour was Charlotte, North Carolina, close to where the Lowe’s global headquarters are located.
Largest paint brush mosaic close up
Commenting on the record attempt, Alison Bruce, PPG senior channel manager at Olympic Paints and Stains, said: “Consumers loved being a part of the record-breaking process at each stop along the tour, and it was as memorable for them as it was for us. This accomplishment would not have been possible without our customers’ involvement and engagement in the Olympic Maximum stain demonstrations.”
Largest paint brush mosaic attempt
“We were able to make a big splash throughout the Olympic Maximum tour with the paintbrush mosaic,” Alison added.
Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Furnari was there to verify the record onsite and said: “This is a fantastic feat for the Olympic Paints and Stains brand.”