The renowned San Diego Zoo Global, in California, USA is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. In order to thank the community for its continued support, the zoo organized a Centennial Community Celebration in Balboa Park. 
During the special event, the record for Largest gathering of people wearing hand puppets was achieved with an impressive total of 508 people. The participants used their hand puppets to act out a story about Dr. Harry Wegeforth and the founding of the San Diego Zoo in 1916.
Each guest was given a hand puppet crafted by San Diego Zoo volunteers as they entered the area designated for the attempt. The performance was led by San Diego Zoo spokesman Dr. Zoolittle and lasted 2 minutes and 45 seconds.
Largest gathering of people wearing hand puppets San Diego Zoo
The hand puppets portrayed a lion with a colorful mane - the image featured in the logo created for the Zoo’s centennial.
The lion puppets were decorated with a variety of accessories including a birthday party hat, sunglasses and a bow tie.
The performance was fully interactive, with participants using their puppets to simulate lions sleeping, climbing rocks and roaring. 
The hand puppet performance was overseen by Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberly Patrick. Once she had confirmed that all guidelines were followed, the record was officially approved and announced the the excited crowed.