Generation Grundeinkommen (which means ‘Generation Basic Income’) recently created the Largest poster ever in Geneva, Switzerland, measuring a staggering 8,115.53 m² (87,354.84 ft²).
The super-sized poster was created in support of implementing a basic income for the country’s workers, an issue on which the citizens of Switzerland will be voting on in June this year.
It poses the question: “What would you do if your income were taken care of?”
Largest poster certificate presentation
The record-breaking print was crowdfunded by more than 1,200 people who managed to raise around 200,000 euros.
Hanes Sturzenegger from Generation Grundeinkommen said: “For the first time this country will vote whether to implement an unconditional basic income, or not. This also means that a lot of questions will arise. The crucial question for this initiative was: What would you do if your income were taken care of? We wanted to discuss this question by writing it on the largest poster so no one could ignore it.”
Largest poster displayed on screen
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Lena Kuhlmann (pictured below) was on hand at the poster's unveiling to ensure that all the record guidelines were followed.
Largest poster adjudicator
Measuring 110.35 m long and 73.55 m wide, the sections of the poster were made out of large truck tarpaulins which were attached together.
Following the successful record attempt, the poster will now be reworked into bags, rucksacks, and other products. These will be available via the crowdfunding platform Startnext.
Previously, the record for the largest poster was 7,164.78 m² (77,121.05 ft²), which was achieved by Fareed Lafta (Iraq), in Karbala, Iraq, just three months ago.