Last week at the London Stationary Show in the Business Design Center in Islington, London, stationary company Nuco International Ltd (UK) unveiled a 0.99 m² (10.74ft²) notepad and it was confirmed as being the Largest notebook ever by official Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre.
Following the Guinness World Records guidelines, the supersized book was an exact, to-scale replica of one of Nuco’s existing products.
It took four men five hours to bind the book and it weighed almost 40 kg.
Nuco International largest notebook measuring
Keith Matthews, Managing Director of Nuco, commented on the attempt: “Guinness World Records is an institution that recognises extraordinary achievements. We honestly thought that the manufacturing processes necessary for a 4ft pad would cause too many headaches for us to overcome.
“But we have negotiated one or two stumbling blocks to create this huge, bespoke product which we hope will live long in the memory and join the family of Guinness World Record title holders as a result.”
The record attempt was a massive success and the notepad was involved in a lot of conversation around the London Stationary Show and National Stationary Week.
Nuco International broke the previous record of 0.78 m² (8.39 ft²) which was created by ICICI Bank Limited (India) last year.