Spanish food distributor Carnicas Ortola S.L wanted to attempt the world record for the Longest line of hamburgers as a fun way for the company to get involved with the Moros y cristianos festivities – a traditional annual celebration in Spain.
They created an incredible 475.10 metres (1,558 ft 8.6 in) long line of beef patties, all topped with cheese and ketchup, during an event in Crevillente, Alicante.
Longest line of hamburgers Spain GWR
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi was on hand to count and verify the record, and ensure that all of the guidelines had been followed.
For example, the hamburgers were not allowed to exceed 12.7 cm (5 in) in diameter and there were not allowed to be any gaps between them.
Longest line of hamburgers Spain festival costumes
Once Lucia had announced that Carnicas Ortola S.L had successfully achieved a new record, the burgers were then distributed to guests.
The meat distributor managed to break the previous record of 306.27 m (1,004 ft 10 in) that was achieved by The Kuwait Food Co. Americana in Kuwait back in 2009.
Longest line of hamburgers Spain guests eating