New Zealand sweets brand RJ's Licorice celebrated its 21st birthday by creating the world’s Largest liquorice allsort (stripy).
The enormous liquorice treat measured a whopping 1.001 metres wide, 0.768 metres high, with a depth of 0.994 metres – maintaining the same ratio of a standard allsort, as required by Guinness World Records.
The lime green, black and white striped sweet weighed a mammoth 1,105.5 kg.
Largest liquorice allsort guests
RJ’s Licorice’s wanted to celebrate their anniversary by putting on an event that involved the local community, so they put on a festival-style party at the brand’s factory in Levin.
The company invited official Guinness World Records adjudicator Solvej Malouf to come along and verify the record during the event.
Largest liquorice allsort certificate
Once a new record was confirmed, half of the supersize liquorice allsort was cut up and handed out to guests at the event.
Largest liquorice allsort cutting
The rest was then given to the Levin branch of The Salvation Army to distribute among the local people it supports.