There are few things as satisfying as the act of squeezing bubble wrap and the sound it makes when ruptured - opening a package wrapped in the transparent plastic material without popping the protective bubbles is a near impossible feat for many folk.

Picture the scene then, of 2,681 children squishing Sealed Air Bubble Wrap® in unison. That’s how many kids indulged in the fun activity on Saturday when the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (USA) burst into the record books, becoming the Most people popping bubble wrap.

Taking place as part of the scouts’ annual “Camporee” - a two-night camp-out attended by huge numbers of scouts across the Denver metropolitan area - each participant was designated their own section of Sealed Air Bubble Wrap® to use during the attempt.


Following a loud start signal the children began exploding the bubbles using their hands or feet and continued for two whole minutes.

They more than doubled the previous record of 1,119 participants which was achieved by Beaudesert State High School (Australia) in August 2014.

An official Guinness World Records adjudicator, Michael Empiric flew out from New York to the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Elbert, Colorado, USA to oversee the record attempt and announce the new record title.

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