To prove they go the extra mile, MSC Cruises sailed to a new world record by inviting 21 serving and former military musicians to board a boat and attempt the Fastest mile for a marching band.
While moored in Southampton, UK, the group marched round an accurately measured one-mile course on the pool deck of MSC Splendida, crossing the finish line in an incredible 14 minutes 26 seconds, setting an all-new record title.
The band had to march at an unheard-of pace of 150 beats-per-minute (when traditionally bands walk at between 112 and 144 beats per minute), while playing military classics including 'Standard of St George’, ‘Sons of the Brave’ and ‘Colonel Bogey’.
The attempt was created to launch MSC’s “Get the Best” sales promotion which offers customers free upgrades. MSC Cruises executive director UK and Ireland Giles Hawke said: “That’s the sort of deal that deserves a proper fanfare – and should certainly get people marching down to their travel agent to book!”
Taking place earlier this month, hundreds of excited guests watched the parade and the subsequent certificate presentation by official Guinness World Records adjudicator Fortuna Burke.
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